Studio B

Be ready to track vocals whenever inspiration strikes.  Equipped with a custom booth for pristine voice recording, Studio B is our flagship Vocal Recording Suite.

Studio B, Vocal Production & Voiceover Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY

Since 2014, Studio B has been our most affordable studio for vocal production, voiceover recording, computer-based music production, and writing.  It's like making records in your apartment... if your apartment had a vocal booth and custom tuned acoustic treatment.  And no neighbors.

Vocal Booth, Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY

Be Vocal.

Our fully isolated, custom-built vocal booth allows you to track your singer or VO while you listen back at the desk... with uncompromising vocal clarity and zero mic bleed.  And to back it up, we have industry-leading microphones for any vocalist.

Mixing & Production, Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY

Produce & Mix

Studio B is loaded to the brim with software instruments, effect plugins (can you say every UAD plug?), every major recording software, an all-SSD rig, and the room is filled with 2 sets of monitors, a full-sized keyboard, and an Ableton Push.